From the minute I met Carly + Dylan, I knew they were going to be fun to work with. 

The morning started with an hour-long drive up island to Comox. I met up with Dylan and the boys in a small house on the property where the wedding was held, Riverbend summer camp. There was something so special about the ceremony location. It was where Dylan and Carly first met as teenagers while attending summer camp. 

The sunlight poked through the trees, the grass was still green somehow, and air was warm. We could not have asked for a better day for a wedding. 

Dylan bought all his groomsman superhero socks based on their personalities. Spiderman for the one everyone loves, Captain American for his American friend, and Robin for his little brother, to match Dylan's Batman. 

 Carly was cool, calm, and collected all day. I have never seen a bride so relaxed. Her only demand was that all the girls got slurpees (and they even through one in there for me!) As we shot photos in her backyard, her little pug Pedro posed willingly for every picture. Perfect. 

The sun set as the reception went on, the lights came on, and the stars came out. It was an incredible end to a beautiful wedding - without a doubt the most fun I've had at "work." 

Though I only spent a day with this young couple, I felt like I made two new friends. I wish them all the best in their new marriage! 

Congratulations, Carly + Dylan!  01.08.15

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