When you ask for a West Coast wedding, you can't get much further west than Ucluelet. On the west coast of the west coast, we find the most beautiful resort on Vancouver Island. 

Graham and Kristen we're married in the wine cellar of Black Rock Resort in the tiny town of Ucluelet, British Columbia. Keep in mind, a tourist activity for Ucluelet is storm watching. Literally just watching the waves crash. I completely understand why - its mesmerizing. As a couple of surfers, Graham and Kristen share a deep love for the Pacific, so it only made sense to getting married a few feet away from the ocean. 

Despite all the times I've surfed the coast, I have never seen a storm quite like what we had that day. The walls of the hotel shook, the waves crashed against the rocks, the wind broke all of our umbrellas instantly (and we got wet.) But again, when you ask for a west coast wedding... There's not really a better way to experience the coast than being drenched by waves/wind/rain. 

We did manage to get outside for about 5 minutes when the storm dissipated for short time. Graham and Kristen did a first look near the ocean, hiding under the cover of trees and umbrellas in the pouring rain. Its definitely something they're not going to forget about any time soon. 

Beautiful wedding, super fun couple, amazing weather (depending on how you look at it.)