Concept Map



The way this works: 

Instagram is our lead-in. It features fun lifestyle photos, paired with wedding portraits. It makes you want to get to know us and hire us for our weddings. From here, you can find the website. 

Pamphlets will go to florists and bridal shops. It's essential that the pamphlets show personality and offer shops a value. Still determining how to make it worthwhile for the shops to carry our pamphlets. Maybe offering a referral bonus? 

Business cards are an easy leave behind + networking tool, leading people to the website. Again, personality and style are important here.

The site is an extension of our personalities. It not only shows work but shows character. A blog will show recent work as well as trips we take, things we're doing, and tips for brides/grooms. 

Once clients contact us to meet and chat, we can bring our Experience Book (featuring work, pricing, what the EXPERIENCE is like, and more wedding information.) This is meant to hook clients; we can get them to picture themselves in these photographs. 

The final touchpoint is a leave-behind gift for anyone we meet with, whether they book or not. This might look like a handmade thank you card with an offer for a discounted shoot in the future. 



Concept - Wedding Photography vs Design

CONCEPT: Wedding Photography World Takeover. 

2. APPROACH: Creating content and physical items to send to bridal shops, florists, and potential clients. Goal: International small-wedding photography as a husband + wife team. 

3. RATIONALE: I want to take pictures of pretty people in pretty places, but I can't just wait for them to come to me and hope for the best. I need to get my work out there and make some connections.


  • Matt + Beth are FUN
  • Matt + Beth take excellent pictures
  • Matt + Beth are the couple we want to be like - they're personalities will make our wedding better
  • Matt + Beth love the outdoors and weddings.
  • Matt + Beth understand design. 


  • It serves a real purpose. 
  • It gets my work out further than Nanaimo. 
  • It's something I'm genuinely passionate about (not pretending for the sake of a project)
  • It involves my wife
  • It involves nature + travel

6. TONE:

  • Outdoorsy
  • Exciting
  • Adventure
  • Natural
  • Loving
  • SO FUN (You can't get enough of us!)



Review of Meeting with Rob Dodds @ Primal


Portfolio Review

With Rob Dodds

I met with Rob at Primal Communication last Friday and we looked through some portfolio pieces I had put together. I showed him things I had done in various genres of design (UI, packaging, wayfinding, print...) and talked about why I chose each piece. 

His general feedback was that I know what I'm doing, I won't have a problem finding work, and that everything is on track. His biggest critique was my proposed career path. I've got a job in real-estate design and photography. Rob noted that it's a dangerous industry because it fluctuates and the market can crash. While I can see his point, it's a risk I'm willing to take at this point in my life. I don't own the company, the hours are good, the pay is great, and it's close to home. I couldn't really ask for much more at this point in my career.

To summarize, everything is feeling good, looking good, and I feel confident. 



Mood Board

Brand Promise

Always discovering new ways of doing.

Brand Attributes

  • Playful

  • Humorous

  • Clean

  • Minimal

  • Logical




Creative Brief + Ideal Workplace


Creative Brief

+ Ideal Workplace

Field of Interest: Graphic Design, Photography, Videography

Type of Company: Creative - video, photo, design.

Company Location: Nanaimo

Company Size: 2-10

Type of Job: Content creator.

Value Proposition:  

  1. I’m easy going and fun; I love to keep it light.
  2. I can handle a diverse workload; I’m used to multi-tasking.
  3. I’m professional and dedicated, but I don’t take myself too seriously.
  4. I’m a good learner; I can figure things out on my own. I don’t wait around to ask the question, I research.
  5. I have a wide skillset; computers and software, as well as photography, videography, and audio production.  

Brand Statement:

Great work, done on time. 

Brand Promise:

  • I work hard, but I’m fun! 
  • I live for 5PM. 
  • Always discovering new ways of doing.
  • Open minded and ready to learn.
  • I don’t have all the answers. 
  • Logical, practical approaches to problems.

Brand Characteristics:  

  • Attributes
  • Personality
  • Leadership
  • Kind
  • Playful
  • Humorous
  • Responsible
  • Minimal
  • Logical
  • Modern

1. Working for Someone

2. Who are they?

The Flavr Shop -

The Flavr Shop is a creative company producing photography, videography, and graphic design in Nanaimo BC and the surrounding area. They've been in business for almost 5 years and are growing steadily each year. As of now, they focus on real estate photography and corporate videography, but are wanting to branch out.

3. How are they a good fit for you?

I have skills that I can bring to the table, and I agree with their goals and methods. I want to be a part of a growing business where my input will be valued and I can work along side friends. In a 3 way partnership, each team member has a unique set of skills and ideas.

4. How are you a good fit for them?

Currently, the Flavr shop is operated by two of my close friends. I want to be the third member. We all get along well, and I often do contracted design work. We have a history of work together and continue to work well together.

As a designer, I have the most experience in graphic design, but I can still learn more about video, audio, and photography. The goal is to expand on each skill set available to us. 



Outside Self


Outside Self

A playful, sharp custodian. 

Workshop Summary: 

Designer, Matt Lineker, is a playful, sharp, custodian.

The reason I chose custodian is because I believe I'm good at cleaning up after others. I like to refine messy work, rebrand, recreate, redesign, and polish up designs. If design were custodial work, my tool would be a floor buffer. I go over work to make sure it's clean and polished. Custodians can work alone, late at night, and behind the scenes. 

Robin helped me choose the words playful and sharp. I'm relaxed and easy-going, and I love to joke around and laugh. I enjoy humour as much as I enjoy eating. I like sharp, clean designs, and I like to think quick on my feet. I'm a sucker for minimalism.


Outside Self Survey Results

What words come to mind when you think of me?
List qualities about my values, behaviour, and personal style.

  • Diligent. Attentive. Focused. Calm. Interested.
  • Dedicated, hard worker, thoughtful
  • A E S T H E T I C, photography, professional, easy going
  • A genuine creative, thoughtful, punctual, reliable, friendly, trustworthy, detail oriented
  • Honest, composed, witty, calculated, creative, quietly determined
  • Dedicated, passionate, well-mannered, professional, respectful, detail-oriented.
  • Dependable, friendly, creative, even-tempered, hip as heck, pretty neat guy
  • Dependable, kind, supportive, responsible, creative, easy to be around
  • Creative. Sensitive. Funny. Talented.
  • Artistic, talented, smart, trendy


What are my strengths?

  • You don't frequently work only to the assignment; you often go above and beyond, either creatively or in the use of the tools. You're not lazy. You're helpful to others, and careful in your work. 
  • Creativity, will power, focus
  • Design - you're real good at coming up interesting and cool designs and concepts. When you set your mind to something, you become an unstoppable force.
  • Action oriented, Authentic, Adventurous, Focused, Logical, Organization
  • Temperament, humor, creative mind, perseverance
  • You work hard, are respectful, great attitude.
  • Loyal, dependable, easy going, honest, enthusiastic
  • Crazy dependable and punctual. Matt is always someone ou can rely on. And he is hilarious!
  • A fantastic combo of mad skills and approachable personality. That mix makes you a joy to work with. Not every has this combo. Cherish it.
  • Art, visual design, music, kindness

What are my weaknesses? Be honest with me.

  • Communication
  • Overly dedicated, too passionate, sometimes you think TOO much and it takes forever
  • Optimism, could show people your personality more because it's great, vision, confidence
  • Bit of a pushover
  • Not sure... Maybe trying to take on too much, scattered.
  • Can be blunt when being honest, and not always see the harm that is done. Can sometimes be stingy when it comes to sharing things that are desirable to you but also to other people.
  • I think you find it hard to stay on a conversations that could be contentious, or are fairly deep. Not that you never go there, but I think your preference is to keep things more on the easy side in conversation. You have lots to offer people, you should dive in a bit more!
  • Relying too quickly on your go to skills. Perhaps slowing down a little to allow yourself more experimentation will allow you to develop or rather extend your already amazing skills.
  • You tend to work a little close to deadlines to motivate yourself. When you're not interested in a thing, its super obvious.
  • You put yourself in a box sometimes, you're so talented, could take things further!
  • You tend to work a little close to deadlines to motivate yourself. When you're not interested in a thing, its super obvious. And it can be hard to motivate you to try something out of your comfort zone.


If I were an animal, what would I be and why?

  • An aardvark? Its really hard to take this questions seriously. Sorry. (2)
  • A Grey whale. You're imposing, yet passive and approachable.
  • A fantastic mr fox - you're a great dreamer and great turning those into realities
  • Crow because even though they're creepy they are also very innovative, smart, problem solving creatures.
  • Somewhere between a llama and a panther.. passive+calculated+smart+quick thinking= Llanther
  • A beaver?!
  • I'm so bad with animal behaviour - a cat??
  • A border collie, because you love being busy and challenged but are really loyal and a great friend
  • brown bear. strong and smart but playful and a little goofy in a good way.
  • A dog. Everyone wants to be your friend!


What colour best describes me and why?

  • Brown. You wear lots of brown.
  • Yellow - friendly, attention grabbing, looks good in a photo.
  • Indigo because everyone sees it differently and yet the longer you look the more you discover.
  • Turquoise, it just seems fitting
  • Orange or Green or Blue
  • White. Like your design aesthetic - clean, minimal, simple.
  • A nice hazel brown. It’s a sturdy colour, like a beam of some sturdy wood, or like solid ground. Just fits you in my mind.
  • light blue. Professional yet soft.
  • Blue. I have no clue why, first that came to mind!


Have I impacted your life? Positive or negative.

  • Very positively
  • All for positive. You're a gosh damn inspiritation, and I love making music with you.
  • hell no. kidding.... You've demonstrated loyalty and kindness in the way you've handled your family and your life...and your wife :)
  • Yes, positively
  • Somewhat? Hard to answer. More positive than negative :)
  • Negative cause if anything happens to you I'll be super bummed. Love you man!
  • If you meant to ask “how have you impacted my life” it is definitely positively. You’ve helped me make some of the best memories in my life!
  • Positive, hands down. By staying open and respectful.
  • Yes, positively.
  • Yes, you've brought our music to life.
  • Yes, positively.



Inside Self


Inside Self

Personal Assessment

Question One

  1. I am a humorous graphic designer who is good at logical thinking.
  2. I am a people-person photographer who is good at capturing emotions.
  3. I am a musician and a friend who is good at teamwork. 

Question Two

Interest: Carpentry, animals, fashion, interior design

Passion: Photography, Family, Creativity 

Talent: Empathy, Visualization, Planning, Organization, Hospitality 

Question Three


  1. Leadership
  2. Planning
  3. Logical Thinking

Design Skills

  1. Typography
  2. Presentations
  3. Photography

Software Skills

  1. Illustrator
  2. Lightroom
  3. Photoshop


  1. Internship
  2. University
  3. Freelance

Question Four

Vision: By 2028, I want to be in a steady job with enough financial stability to support my family while not losing my soul.


  • Graduate VIU
  • Find full-time career
  • Save 10% of everything
  • Achieve success!